Introducing New and Improved Version 2.0


AI and Advanced ML based Detection

Our Advanced Machine Learning based models reach beyond conventional approach, thereby enabling Threat Detection in real-time, with very high accuracy. Result, this allows organizations to detect threats that matter with very low false positives. Security Analysts thereby are more productive and can respond to threats before the situation escalates.


End -to- End visibility

Gain end to end visibility across the entire Defense Stack. No need to jump from tool to tool, in order to understand a threat. BluSapphire's end-to-end visibility provides you all the information you need regarding a threat viz., threat origin, victim, threat analysis, historical analysis, PCAPs, infected files, malicious flows etc., all in one tool. No more running around for data. Its all here. 

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Advanced Data Analytics

Cyber Security teams by design have to collect and analyze tremendous volumes of data. Security Analysts are often inundated with the task of (1) trying to understand the volume of data (2) cope up with the velocity/rate at which data is received (3) finding anomalies that are potentially malicious in nature.

BluSapphire's Advanced Data Analytics enables Security Analysts to detect previously un-detected anomalies that are important, allowing them to be infinitely more productive in detecting and predicting malicious activity across large networks.  

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Open Data Platform (ODP)

Security Teams often need data from a large number of systems, to effectively Detect anomalies and malicious activity. Traditionally, they had to turn to SIEM solutions or log management systems, which are often clunky, unresponsive, offer limited scalability and are expensive, charging by endpoint or per gigabyte of data processed. This is both ridiculous and unpardonable, in this new age of Big Data and on-demand scalable infrastructure provisioning.

BluSapphire is bundled with an "Open Data Platform" that leverage the new age Big Data technologies providing  horizontal scalability, flexibility and raw on-demand analytical capabilities. Our ODP provides Instant search results, even across terabytes of data. It also enables infinite storage capabilities with near zero maintenance and management.

Collect as much data as your need, process as much data as you need, search and find data you need instantly with ZERO COST.


Detect Zero Day Threats in milliseconds

Organizations are under constant threat from organized ever evolving, advanced attackers who find new and creative ways to infiltrate and 

BluSapphire is the only purpose built Multi-Vector platform that is designed to address the entire advanced cyber defense stack in one tool, combining the power of AI, Machine Learning techniques and Advanced Data Analytics to Detect, Analyze, Respond and Remediate zero day threats in milliseconds, instead of hours and days. 

Faster Detection and Faster Response = Improved Cyber Resiliency.


Multi-Vector Threat Detection

Traditionally, Cyber Security tools operated in silos, thereby missing key indicators that could help analysts understand the scope of a threat caused by malicious attackers. Looking at a single vector often results in low rate of detection and higher false positives.

 Our unique, Multi-Vector Threat Detection allows us to track anomalies and malicious indicators across multiple vectors like metadata, network, file, structure, system, memory, binary analysis etc., in milliseconds. These indicators may not amount to much individually, but when combined together provide a holistic understanding of the scope of a threat, resulting in a higher accuracy of detection. 

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Automated Response & Remediation

Analysts have long agreed that there is a growing need for automation in the Cyber Industry. We are one of the first to introduce advanced automation into this space, by offering automated threat response and remediation. BluSapphire's Automated Threat Response (ATR), allows you to remotely quarantine, suspend, clean a remote system in an entirely automated way, using a superior agentless response module. Agentless response system also allows you to remotely collect important forensic information automatically or on demand.

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Adaptive Threat Hunt

Our unique agentless model also allows you to perform "Adaptive Threat Hunt". You can hunt for any indicators that you receive from your threat intelligence community OR Threat Intelligence that BluSapphire collects based on the threats seen on your own network, and perform "Live" or "Scheduled" hunts across your organization.

Not just agentless adaptive hunts, BluSapphire additionally can automatically take pre-defined actions specific to indicators like suspend processes or delete files and or registry entries etc., and report back with actions taken,


Cloud / On-Prem

BluSapphire's Intelligent Cyber Defense platform is available both on the cloud and also as an On-Prem solution.